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In Europe, many people are fascinated by traditional Chinese medicine. They know traditional Chinese medicine is effective to help improve symptoms and restore health. However, they may regard it as a magic thing. When Yike Jiang, the founder of TCM i Kultura P.S.A., read some articles written by European enthusiasts. He was amazed. The theory and mechanism of TCM were explained through a mystical way! As a therapist and a writer of traditional Chinese medicine, Yike Jiang is willing to spend more time in writing about the theory of the traditional medicine.

There has been 24 years since Yike Jiang started to study traditional Chinese medicine in 1999. In China, the controversies about TCM have never stopped. TCM is regarded as the last fortress of traditional Chinese culture, because the theory of Yin, Yang and Five Elements is a part of traditional Chinese philosophy. In Chinese schools, children study the knowledge of modern science, so a lot of people can’t understand traditional medicine.

Yike Jiang likes to read ancient Chinese books since his childhood. He loves ancestors, but he doesn’t love grand narratives. As Western parents take children to a church, when Yike Jiang was a little boy, he was influenced by traditional values when his parents took him to clean the tomb of his grandmother and do the rites of remembrance in traditional festivals, and took him to visit a Buddhist temple in the first family travel. When Yike Jiang became a college student, he was greatly influenced by Confucian thoughts after he read an ancient book named the Commentary of Zuo.

Before Yike Jiang came to Poland, Yike Jiang watched an online course named “A Journey through Western Christianity: from Persecuted Faith to Global Religion (200 – 1650)”. The course is very helpful for Yike Jiang to understand the traditional values of Poland and Europe. Yike Jiang always believe that traditional Chinese values are harmonious with universal values.

Based on the great enthusiasm for traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture, Yike Jiang hopes that his efforts can make more European people become interested in traditional Chinese medicine and understand the age-old traditional medicine.

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