Top brands of acupuncture needles in China

In Europe, acupuncture needles manufactured by SEIRIN of Japan and Dong Bang of the South Korea are very popular. As the developer of the first single-use disposable needles, the needles of SEIRIN are famed for their lightness, so they are popular in facial cosmetology. The success of Dong Bang makes flat-handle needles more popular than traditional Chinese needles which have a handle with a loop. There are some Chinese brands of acupuncture needles in Europe, but none of them has the popularity as SEIRIN and Dong Bang.

In the sixth century, the acupuncture technology of China was introduced to Korean Peninsula and Japan. In 549, the envoys from Baekje, a Korean country, arrived in Jiankang, which was the capital of the Liang Dynasty of China and is called Nanjing now. They didn’t see the old Chinese emperor who was devoted to promoting culture, but saw that the great city was destoryed by a rebellion. They felt very sadly. Since ancient Chinese generously spread culture and techniques to other nations, the culture and techniques have been the common wealth of mankind. As one of descendants of ancient Chinese, it is unavoidable for me to hope that traditional Chinese needles have the popularity like SEIRIN and Dong Bang in the global market of acupuncture needles.

What are the top-selling brands of acupuncture needles in China? According to the the ranking of Tmall which is the biggest B2C retail platform of China, the top-selling three brands of acupuncture needles are Hwato, Zhong Yan Tai He, and Cloud & Dragon.

The brand of Hwato needles was created in Suzhou in the 19th century. As most of old Chinese brands lost inheritance from the 1950s to the 1970s, the brand of Hwato was revived in 1979. In the 1980s, the needles of Hwato were certified as the top-quality acupuncture needles in China. Suzhou Medical Appliance Factory, the producer of Hwato needles, became the drafter of GB national standard and ISO international standard of acupuncture needles.

Cloud & Dragon is a brand that was created in Wujiang in late 1980s, and Zhong Yan Tai He is a younger brand that was created in Beijing.

Flat-handle acupuncture needles, which are called Korean-style needles, became more popular than traditional Chinese acupuncture needles, which have a handle with a loop. One of important reasons is that flat-handle needles are easy to use with guide tubes, while the use of traditional Chinese needles need more experience. If you want to experience some of traditional manipulations of acupuncture, needles which have a handle with a loop are still preferred. And only Chinese producers produce this kind of needles.

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