Recipes of Chinese herbs for headache caused by the stasis of blood

In traditional Chinese medicine, the causes of headache include external pathogenic factors and internal factors. The stasis of blood is one of internal factors.

When the stasis of blood causes headache, the pain of head lasts for a very long time, the pain’s position is fixed, and the pain feels like being prickled by an awl. The syndrome may also happen if the head was once injured. The colour of tongue is purple and dark, and one or multiple darker areas or spots, which are called areas of blood stasis or spots of blood stasis, can be seen in the tongue. The coating of tongue is thin and white. The pulse is thin, or the pulse is thin and rough.

The treatment method is to stimulate the movement of blood and remove the stasis of blood. The representative recipe for the syndrome is Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang.

The recipe Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang contains Chi Shao (3 g), Chuan Xiong (3 g), Tao Ren (9 g), Hong Hua (9 g), She Xiang (0.15 g), Lao Cong (6 g), Sheng Jiang (9 g), Da Zao (5 g), and Huang Jiu (250 g).

If headache is very strong, Quan Xie, Wu Gong, and Tu Bie Chong can be added to the recipe.

In the case of headache that has lasted for a very long time, if the person always has no energy or strength, his breath is short without strength, and he has no desire to speak, while the pulse is thin, weak and has no strength, Huang Qi, Dang Shen, and Dang Gui can be added to the recipe.

If the person is very afraid of coldness, Gui Zhi, Xi Xin, and Fu Zi can be added to the recipe as appropriate.


1. Lao Cong: Cong is Allium fistulosum L., and Lao Cong means old Cong, which has grown for a long time.

2. Huang Jiu: It is a kind of traditional rice wine in China. Because its colour is yellow, it is called yellow wine, which is written as Huang Jiu in Chinese Pinyin.


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