Recipes of Chinese herbs for headache caused by the deficiency of Qi

In traditional Chinese medicine, the causes of headache include external pathogenic factors and internal factors. The deficiency of Qi is one of internal factors.

When headache is caused by the deficiency of Qi, the pain is dull and intermittent, and becomes stronger during physical work. The person eats less than normal, and does not have energy or strength. He is short of breath and has sweat without any activity. The tongue is pale, and the coating of the tongue is thin and white. The pulse is thin and weak.

The treatment method is to reinforce Qi and help Yang-Qi move upwards. The representative recipe is Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang.

The recipe Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang contains Huang Qi, Ren Shen, Sheng Ma, Ge Gen, Man Jing Zi, Bai Shao, Huang Bo, and Gan Cao.

If headache is continuous and meanwhile the person suffers from palpitations and insomnia, Dang Gui, Shu Di Huang and He Shou Wu can be added to the recipe.

If the person fears coldness and his hands and feet are cold, Fu Zi, Rou Gui and Cong Bai can be added to recipe.


Zhang, Boli, & Wu, Mianhua. (2017). Internal Medicine of TCM. China Press of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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