Recipes of Chinese herbs for headache caused by the deficiency of kidneys

In traditional Chinese medicine, the causes of headache include external pathogenic factors and internal factors. The deficiency of kidneys is one of internal factors.

When the deficiency of kidney-Jing causes headache, in addition to pain, the head has a feeling of emptiness, and the person suffers from dizziness and tinnitus. The lower back and knees feel discomfort and weakness. The person always has no energy or strength. He often cannot get to sleep. And he often forgets things. If the person is a man, he may have excessive nocturnal emission; if the person is a woman, she may have leucorrhoea. The tongue is red, and the coating of the tongue is less than normal. The pulse is thin and has no strength.

The treatment method is to nourish kidneys and reinforce kidney-Jing. The representative recipe for the syndrome is Da Bu Yuan Jian.

The recipe Da Bu Yuan Jian contains Ren Shen, Shan Yao, Shu Di Huang, Du Zhong, Gou Qi Zi, Dang Gui, Shan Zhu Yu, and Gan Cao.

In the case of headache with dizziness, if the face becomes reddened, a hot feeling occurs or becomes intensified at regular intervals like tides and meanwhile there are sweats, it shows the deficiency of kidney-Yin, so Ren Shen should be removed from the recipe, and Mo Han Lian, Zhi Mu and Huang Bo can be added to the recipe.

If the person fears coldness, hands and feet are cold, the lower back and knees feel discomfort and weakness, the tongue is pale, the coating of the tongue is white, and the pulse is sunken and thin, it shows the deficiency of kidney-Yang, and Lu Jiao and Fu Zi can be added to the recipe.


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