Principles of writing

The purpose of the website is telling the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine may be abbreviated as Chinese medicine or TCM.

The way for explaining how Chinese herbs work is using the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The translation methods of TCM terms include literal translation, transliteration, and free translation.

Reference documents include:

1. Textbooks for higher education of traditional Chinese medicine. The textbooks can be regarded as technical instructions of traditional Chinese medicine in modern use.

2. Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The pharmacopoeia is mainly used for proofreading sources of Chinese herbs.

3. Ancient editions of ancient books about traditional Chinese medicine. The ancient editions are mainly used for proofreading sentences cited by modern books and investigating the original text of a recipe.

4. Academic books and academic articles. The pick of a reference is based on the reputation of a publishing house or a journal, and the quality of a document.

The knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine presented in the website is based on the conditions of China, as China is the only country to keep the complete system of traditional Chinese medicine.

Some medicinal materials are not allowed to use in the EU. The actual use of medicinal materials in the EU complies with the regulations of the EU.