Ji Sheng Fang, a book about recipes of Chinese herbs

Ji Sheng Fang, which name literally means the recipes for helping people, is a book written by Yan Yonghe in the thirteenth century. Therefore, the book is also called Yan’s Ji Sheng Fang.

Yan Yonghe wrote the book based on his experience of practice in Chinese medicine for more than fifty years. The book collects more than four hundred recipes of Chinese herbs, including some well-known recipes, like Gui Pi Tang, Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan, Ji Sheng Ju He Wan, and Qing Pi San.

The complete edition of Ji Sheng Fang was lost in China. In the second half of the eighteenth century, during the compilation of Complete Books of the Four Treasuries, compilers collected Ji Sheng Fang’s texts from Yongle Encyclopedia which was compiled in early fifteenth century, and then compiled the remaining texts into a book with eight volumes.

The edition kept by National Archives of Japan was published by a Japanese publisher in 1734. It is a book with ten volumes. The edition originated from two editions kept in Japan. National Archives of Japan provides the scanned PDF documents for free downloading.

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