Five colours of tongue: pale red tongue and pale tongue

The inspection of tongue is an important diagnostic method in traditional Chinese medicine. Tongue colour is a part of the inspection. Generally there are five colours of tongue. The article is telling about pale red tongue and pale tongue.

Pale red tongue

The tongue of a healthy person is pale red and moist. It shows the sufficient and harmonious state of Qi and blood in the body.

When an external pathogenic factor just invades the body and stays in the superficial position of the body, it doesn’t hurt Qi, blood and internal organs, the colour of tongue is still pale red.

In the case of the syndromes of internal organs, if the colour of tongue is pale red and moist, it shows the harmony of Yin and Yang and the good state of Qi and blood. This means that the syndrome is not severe, or the person is recovering.

Pale tongue

The colour of pale tongue is lighter than pale red tongue. Pale tongue indicates the deficiency of Qi and blood, or the deficiency of Yang.

When Qi and blood are deficient, they cannot nourish the tongue, or when Yang is deficient, blood cannot get warmed and nourish the tongue, the colour of the tongue becomes pale.

If the tongue is pale with lustre and thin, it indicates the deficiency of Qi and blood.

If the tongue is pale, wet and fat, it indicates the deficiency of Yang and the retention of water and dampness which are pathogenic factors.

The big loss of Qi and blood may cause that the tongue is white and almost does not have the colour of blood, which is called tongue with withered white color. This is an indication of critical condition. There is another kind of tongue, which is called withered tongue. Withered tongue is inflexible, withered and loses lustre, which is called tongue loses spirit and indicates the extreme weakness of Qi and blood and critical illness with poor prognosis.

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